I've Switched to Nixos

Posted on 2018, August 17 by Marcos.

After quite some time being a Debian user I’ve decided to become a full time meme distro user. At first I was following some of the manuals in an attempt to recreate my config in virtualbox. A day later this distro seemed too cool not to try it out for real, so why not?

It’s kinda weird to adapt, in Debian I was accostumed to just run a command here and there and have a bunch of config files across my system, with Nix (the configuration language) one can have a single file (configuration.nix) to manager everything and, since Nix is also a programming language, you can modularize it to make things easier to manage. NixOS is also quite forgiving when it comes to experimenting, you can always rollback your entire system to a previous generation if something explodes. The #nixos community on both freenode and discourse is also very helpful.

If you wanna see my crappy config just take a look here.